X200 Suspension

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Re: X200 Suspension

Postby robinhood » Thu Sep 07, 2017 7:22 pm

Robbo wrote:an idea might be is buy a set of adjustable RA rodeo front schocks, Rancho and Toughdog make adjustables

not too sure on what the rear is off the top of my head but you could try asking RAW suspention what the rear was and buy and adjustable in that too.

thats what i plan on doing soon, with adjustables you can turn a dial in 9 stages on each shock to figure out how you want the ride to be from super soft to rock hard.

mate l have been having the same issues and was told to go with air suspension on the rear less hassle and smooth ride ,handy id f towing as well as you only need to pump it up.
Also check information relating to halal 5 as it,s the same car
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