X200 2013 S2 @ 60 000

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X200 2013 S2 @ 60 000

Postby Escapable » Wed Oct 18, 2017 10:30 am

OK .. so at 60K and 3.5 years it's time to recap.

Why Buy:
Feature packed, reasonable styling, comfort and economy along with price; 24.5K Drive Away (and I was sick of my Jeep breaking whilst sitting in the driveway)

Vehicle: X200 2013 K2 Auto purchased new.

Accessories: Dash mat; Floor mats (GW F&R); Bonnet Protector; Weathershields (4); rubber GW cargo mat; cargo blind; CB with internal antenna; Additional remote; Pro Racing Chip (OBD port); Tow Bar.

Problems: Loose Intercooler hose clamps; Same hose replaced @ 37K; Rear Brake Pads @ 30k; Battery is showing black but still working fine; Internal fan is intermittant (works with a kick); has always had a diff noise (only audible by me apparently and even the dealer wankers can't hear it but the recording on the phone does - this is actually the pinion dust seal spinning and even after this seal was replaced due to an oil leak (thank you Heartland Penrith for the absolutely wonderful lack of service; Drivers seat electrics failed and the dealer (mentioned) would not replace it as they could not find one in the correct colour (only comes in one colour) - replaced after my intervention; washer bottle split in the early days and they had problems replacing this altho it appears this was just the muchanic being lazy (again).

Comments: A totally honest vehicle and NO - the paint has not peeled off and neither has it broken in half or self destructed, drives well especially on dirt roads, cruises well even when towing moderate loads, comfortable and excellent value with cheap spare parts.

This x200 is auto (Hyundai) so not really an off roader as such but performs to expectation in the rough. Ground clearance is reasonable.
Lack of storage space for spares, tools, Scantool and multimeter however most of these can be accommodated under the seat along with a spare drive belt.
Headlights are excellent when compared to other makes.
In reality I would buy another tomorrow after all many vehicles source their components from China and some build whole vehicles there (Jeep Wrangler for instance) with others using Thailand and Malaysia.

Spare Parts: These are readily available over the counter for most service items and GW shares many common parts with other makes - you just need a decent parts place with staff that know what a vehicle is.
The 2L diesel is honest, reasonably economical for the vehicle weight and has a big heart when loaded - the chip makes a difference in traffic.

Tyres: The standard tyres are mid range and perform reasonably well and will be serviceable for some time.

Blue X200 Auto 2013 (Pro Racing OBD Chipped)
Most cars are assembled from Chinese parts: Why not bring in the whole car?
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