2013 X200 auto @110,000klms review

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2013 X200 auto @110,000klms review

Postby Rayfellowes » Fri Dec 23, 2016 9:04 am

Hi All
i purchased my car on the 13th january this year with the intention of using my car as a work vehicle that will travel 100,000 klms a year simply as a sacraficial vehicle knowing whatever car i used would have no resale value after 3 years anyway so i took a risk in purchasing a great wall....so here is my summary so far

My use is mainly tar but there is also some dirt driving between my jobs in the nsw new england area

i purchased the car with only 10,000 on the clock and yesterday 22nd december it clocked 111,000
services were done by my local mechanic up to 60,000 (as the dealer was too far away) till he didnt want to do the timing belt 75000 service claiming it would be too hard as he wasnt familiar with these cars engine and would take him too long and from this point ive been doing the services myself with penrite oils(helps being a mechanic myself) every 5 weeks!!!

first problem about 2 weeks after buying it...blown turbo to intercooler hose....upgraded under warranty to the steel one...never had an issue since

found engine temperature will rise towards 3/4 mark and never higher on a 35+ deg day on extreme hill climbs that brings alot of cars undone anyway but will run all day in 40 deg + unless there are hills

rear brake pads done at 80,000....fronts to be done soon
4 tyres done at 75.000 inc front wheel alignment
timiming belt done by me at 75000 by me inc fan belt as i was there and might as well change it too...easy job only took 2 hours
normal 15000 services in between

things gw motors to improve on

air intake pipe between airfilter to turbo is crap plastic and splits (i will be making a new one with silicone hose shortly

plus side
filter kits for great wall are about $80 genuine and $60 non genuine (our mitsubishi triton is over $200 for the same set)+ oils
cheap car made cheap including cheap paint
economy sticker is pretty well on the mark
nothing has fallen off!!!

all below things are not great wall issues but suck

1 ...Kangaroo ran into side rear wheel arch
2...truck threw rock into windsreen 2 days ago
3....3 flat tyres

pretty well nothing else has been needed and would i buy another......at this point yes!!!
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Re: 2013 X200 auto @110,000klms review

Postby dgcruzing » Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:36 pm

nice.. I am just coming up to 105,000 had it since 70,000..
Apart from the hoses and the steering fluid pipe.. so far been cost effective as done a few good trips in it.
just ordered all inside door handles and cables now..(China direct) for $120 not complaining. As door to door..
Will just be a day's job stripping off panels and fiddling.
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More parts coming via ebay
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