V240 headlight bulb

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V240 headlight bulb

Postby kelpie » Sun May 13, 2018 4:43 pm

blown a bulb (first in 7 yrs of owning it) its a 2011 240petrol dualcab.
can anyone tell me size and 'how to get these bulbs out etc
V240 series 2,4x2 silver ute only extra is a towbar
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Re: V240 headlight bulb

Postby caffa » Sat Aug 18, 2018 1:11 am

When I blew my first bulb, supercheap had it listed as a H7 so I ordered a pair of you beaut H7 led bulbs off ebay. When they finally arrived and I went to change it(them), I discovered they are H1 and not H7 (2010 V240). Both high beam and low beam are the same. The low beam are a projector lens. Changing them takes a couple of minutes. Locate the cap on the rear of the headlight so you are accessing the right bulb. It's tight and tricky but it only takes a couple of minutes per side. About a quarter of a turn counter clockwise gets the cap off. Be careful not to drop the bulb in to the headlight because they are a bugger to get out (speaking from experience). As with all bulbs, be careful not to touch he glass bit because it causes uneven temperature and it will blow again sooner rather than later (speaking form experience again) Make sure the dust cover goes back on tight on the rear of the headlight and jobs done. some have said you have to remove batteries and bits and pieces but I didn't see the need, it would give you a whole lot more room and make it easier but what is the fun in that.
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