X240 Indicators power windows and hazzard lights not working

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X240 Indicators power windows and hazzard lights not working

Postby Hisjeepers » Tue Sep 05, 2017 4:22 pm

Hi Guys Just joined this forum as ive just bought myself a cheap little 2010 X240. Has been run down and needs a fair bit of work to get it road worthy. But it was cheap so Im happy to do it as a project. Its got 120,000 Kms on the odometer and runs really well. Primary issues are electrical and a few body issues but other than that its OK.
Hoping someone can give me some direction on a few of these electrical problems. I think they may well be related to one or two components but not quite sure where to begin.
The problems are 1. the indicators don't work and nor do the hazards. Zero nothing but silence and no indicator dash lights or outside lights when you turn them on.(The headlights and tail lights all work OK) 2. The power windows don't work although the central locking is fine. I have pulled out the main drivers switch and it seems to be OK No damage and the switches all make the obligatory click etc when using them. But non of the windows move like there is no power. 3. The airbag light on the dash is lit up?
I have checked all the fuses with a multi meter both under the bonnet and also on the drivers side of the dash and they are all OK.
So any suggestions to my problems would be most helpful.
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Re: X240 Indicators power windows and hazzard lights not wor

Postby whoguy » Tue Sep 05, 2017 6:25 pm

Hi Hisjeepers,

Buy yourself and cheap $10 multimeter. Put the neg lead to ground(anypart of the body). Use the positive lead to probe for voltage from the indicator stalk to where ever the signal box is.

Use the multimeter on continuity test, to test ALL fuses (engine and cabin fuses). Check all relays using the ohms setting on the coil and the contacts.

The issues I reckon is the switch box where ever that is! Probably burnt out I'd say.
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