Reason for 6 quick beeps when starting GW x200 TDi

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Reason for 6 quick beeps when starting GW x200 TDi

Postby GregGraham » Fri Aug 25, 2017 3:23 pm

I've searched high and low for info about why my 2012 GW x200 TDi has started emitting 6 rapid beeps when I start the ignition. There are no clues why this occurs, like a warning light on the dash. Also, the vehicle performs normally. I've downloaded a service manual and searched it for clues but found nothing.

Any suggestions other than pushing this pile of doo doo off a cliff?
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Re: Reason for 6 quick beeps when starting GW x200 TDi

Postby pal » Sun Aug 27, 2017 7:29 am

had something simular to that happen It turned out to e the tyre pressure monitoring system was playing up.Had to get the dealer to reset it.
The manual says " If one of the tyre pressures become low, the tyre pressure display on the mirror will activate. The tyre position symble for the wheel with the low pressure will turn re and flash to indicate a fault. The pressure and temperature of the tyre will be displayed as well as one or more of the warning symbles. Awarning tone will also be heard for approximately 5 seconds. If the pressure loss is sudden, the tone will sound for 15 seconds. The tyre pressure monitor will remain active until approximately 30 seconds after tyre pressure returns to normal.

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