V200 4WD selection issues, 4H & 4L

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V200 4WD selection issues, 4H & 4L

Postby Welshrob » Fri Oct 27, 2017 2:48 pm

Hi, I have recently purchased a 2012 V200 and have some 4WD selection issues. A search has shown that the speed sensor may be the culprit but I thought I would post the symptoms here, to get some opinions or shared experience.


1. Press 4H switch. Both 4H and 4L switch lights illuminate. Green 4wd light on the dash flashes but does not stay on. Nothing happens if you try to select 2WD, both lights stay on. Switch the key off and restart, sometimes it resets, other times not.

2. Press 4H switch. Light illuminates on switch, green 4wd drive light flashes on dash. Select 1st gear and pull forwards a bit, then 4WD engages and stays in but sometimes not. Sometimes there is a big gear grind noise and it doesn`t select.

3. Start engine, both 4H and 4L switch lights are on and stay on (despite the switches not being touched) until the vehicle is stopped and started again.

4. All of the above when trying to select 4L to.

5. Green 4wd drive light occasionally flashes whilst driving.

I`ve taken it to the local diff and gearbox specialist and amongst other things they have removed the solenoids and cleaned them, cleaned up the electrical connections, checked the mechanism in the transfer case,which is fine allegedly but it's been back there three times and the responses have been varied from "we couldn`t find anything wrong with it, it must be you" to "yeah,they're all like that, Pajeros are the same" or " we've done xyz that should fix, try it for a couple of days" all of which is starting to get annoying. They obviously don`t know what the problem actually is, which will make it difficult to fix, so they are just trying lots of random things in the hope that it will work.

I suggested it might be the speed sensor after reading about it on this forum but they dismissed this suggestion as, and I quote, "It can`t be the speed sensor as the speedometer is working perfectly."
So, any ideas?
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Re: V200 4WD selection issues, 4H & 4L

Postby Welshrob » Wed Nov 22, 2017 9:24 pm

Hi again. After three weeks with not a single reply, I`m guessing that either nobody cares, or nobody actually knows enough to give an answer or offer suggestions. Or both.


Or another possibility is that anyone with enough mechanical acumen to diagnose and fix issues like this on a GW probably has enough mechanical acumen not to buy one in the first place.


So anyhoo, the update.

I changed the speed sensor. The problem was still there, it made no difference.

So, I tracked down a local mechanic who had worked on a lot of these, he suggested it was the 4WD module under the seat. It was, he changed it and it is now fixed. Issue begone!
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Re: V200 4WD selection issues, 4H & 4L

Postby Andysteeds » Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:05 pm

Hi i have just purchased a 2013 v200 and having a very similar issue :cry:

think i will try the 4wd mod first and see what that does hopefully your post has helped :)

will let you know and thanks :)
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