GWOF Community Guidelines - please read

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GWOF Community Guidelines - please read

Postby gwof » Sat Sep 11, 2010 12:19 pm

Welcome to the Great Wall Owner's Forum (GWOF)!

Through this forum, our goal is to provide useful information and meaningful discussions about Great Wall vehicles.

Whether you're a dyed-in-the-wool Great Wall owner or someone considering purchasing a vehicle, located in Australia or overseas, we welcome your participation!

You must observe the following guidelines as they help ensure a useful resource for all and a family-friendly atmosphere. Note that the guidelines apply to private messaging where relevant also. If you are not willing to accept and abide by these guidelines, please do not post to the forums.

1. Be sure to post in the relevant category, with a relevant title.


Instead of:

"4wd question"

A more descriptive title might be:

"Engaging low range in X240 2011"

i.e. include the model and year.

Don't forget to search for existing threads before starting a new one as your question may have already been answered. If you have multiple questions, split them up and post separately in the relevant categories.

SPECIAL NOTE: The Introduction/showcase category is just to say g'day and post up information about your Great Wall vehicle if you have one. If you're not a Great Wall owner, it's totally fine to just say g'day to the community in that category. Questions shouldn't be posted in your introduction - those should go in the relevant forum category.

2. Please stay "on topic" when contributing to a discussion so we can stay focused on the topic. A little banter and diversion may be okay, but when it starts becoming the focal point of a thread rather than the original topic, it becomes an issue of too much static vs. signal.

3. Do not post the same content in multiple areas of the forum and do not "bump" your own posts (posting a reply to your own post purely in order to raise the thread's profile and bring it back to the top of the list) unless you have something of value to add.

4. If you wish to quote from another member's post, don't quote the whole post, just those comments that are relevant.

5. This is a friendly community. Stating an opinion and *civil* debate is welcome; but aggressive behavior, ad hominem attacks, over-the-top rants, mud-slinging matches, double entendre and sarcasm with the intent of belittling another member are strictly forbidden; regardless of the circumstances.

If you have problems with another member being abusive, don't retaliate with more of the same, PM a moderator.

If you're upset at the time you're writing something, it's best to save the post in your drafts and take another look at it when you're feeling a bit calmer. As Great Wall owners are still very much a minority in motor vehicle ownership in Australia, the views expressed by members and how they are expressed can have an effect on the overall perception of us as a community.

6. Humour can be a tricky thing in online discussions. What might be generally accepted as funny in a face-to-face exchange may not be when improperly conveyed via the written word as it lacks sometimes critical accompanying vocal intonation, body language and at times, context. Even if the person you may be poking a bit of harmless fun at (or what you consider is) might get the joke, others reading the exchange may not; so be prepared that such posts may be edited or deleted. Private jokes that involve what others could perceive as less than friendly should stay private.

Before hitting the submit button, please consider the tone and wording of your message and how it may be interpreted by others.

7. Great Wall HQ in China and Ateco (the Australian importer) do read these forums, along with a number of dealers. If you have an issue with your vehicle, dealer, servicing etc; you're welcome to post about it in these forums as it can send important signals to the companies; but it needs to be gone about in a constructive and accurate way.

Expressing frustration is fine, but be very careful in how you express it. Be aware of your tone, wording and don't misrepresent the origin of the issue, nor exaggerate the nature or scale of the problem as it won't help your situation. A well explained problem may lead to an appropriate solution.

8.Be aware you are personally responsible and accountable for whatever you post - not the forum administrators. Think before hitting the submit button

9. Do not SHOUT (use all caps) and please take care with spelling and grammar. Spelling can be important, particularly in relation to the search feature when members are trying to find information on a specific topic and care with basic grammar makes your posts easier for others to read. Consider copying your post into Word to run a spell check and grammar check first, or take advantage of the features of some web browsers that have built in spell check features.

10. Being a family-friendly community, offensive content and vulgar language is not permitted.

11. Please respect the copyright of others. If unsure of copyright, link to the content rather than copying and posting it in the forums.

12. Please keep images and signature images to a reasonable size - signature images should be a maximum of 500 pixels wide and 160 pixels high.

13. The administrators and moderators of GWOF reserve the right to edit, remove or put on moderation queue any post at any time without notice.

14. Advertising Great Wall and 4x4 related goods and services is permitted in Great Wall Buy And Sell category - please read the related guidelines in that category before posting or responding to ads.

15. Do not engage "trolls", i.e. those who join and post purely to cause disruption. If you suspect troll activity, please PM one of the co-founders rather than retaliate.

16. Please respect the decisions and guidance of community moderators and co-founders. If you have serious concerns about particular community issues or decisions, PM one of the co-founders to discuss the concern, rather than post publicly first - there may be good reason why something has been done in a particular way and creating unnecessary tension in the community through making incorrect assumptions serves no useful purpose.

Please note: We do not make any guarantee concerning the quality, safety or legality of information posted on these forums and as such, we specifically disclaim any liability with regard to information posted on Great Wall Owner's Forum and any actions resulting from your participation in these forums. Before making modifications to your vehicle based on any advice found in these forums, you should contact your Great Wall dealer to ascertain suitability and potential impact on vehicle warranty. You should also speak with your insurer to ensure any modification you make will not impact on your coverage.

As the GWOF community grows, these guidelines will evolve. Please remember to check these guidelines regularly for updates and also review our Terms Of Service/Disclaimer regularly.

Thanks for your co-operation!
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Re: GWOF Community Guidelines - please read

Postby Banyabba » Fri Sep 14, 2012 8:29 pm

Dear Sir
I need help
Im not a computer geek but do have some computer skills.
Im trying to upload a pic of my X240 to share (newly raised and muddies) but i cant.
Keeps coming up 'Cant upload this image type'
It is a jpg file. Maybe it is too big?? It was taken on an 8mp camera??
If it is too big can i ask how to shrink it?
Sorry to sound hopeless on the computer, but i am :-)

Hopefully you can help.

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Re: GWOF Community Guidelines - please read

Postby Robbo » Fri Sep 14, 2012 8:34 pm

try using Photobucket or imageshack websites to reduce the image size :)
black budget/Swampy,

extras, OAQ steel winch bar, tow bar, 2000 W amp and sub, carbon tint, 9" (now 55W HID ) spotlights, cruise control.....a clock. and "RMW"bits
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