A great forum with lots of good info.

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A great forum with lots of good info.

Postby lilred » Mon Jul 23, 2018 8:47 pm

Sad to see the forum go. I did lots of mods to me x240 s1 all from the help of this page.
2" suspension lift plus 30mm spacer blocks on the rear.
longer travel shocks
spacer under petrol tank
front diff drop
30mm body lift
front recovery points
bash plates
cold air intake
exhaust system
custom rear draws
and you cant forget about the help tips of how to pull the center dash out to put a new stereo in
and how to change the gear knob boot.
A big thank you to this forum as it made my 4be a great 4be.
Yes i still have mine with nearly 250,000ks use it everyday never had any issue with it, and has been my best car to date. I don't like the new 4WD out now and this why im holding to lilred abit longer.

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Re: A great forum with lots of good info.

Postby jacnden » Thu Jul 26, 2018 8:20 pm

Yes it will be a little sad to see the forum go.
I sent Wayne/mitcon an email but havnt heard back.
I joined in January 2011 and it was compulsory reading for me. There were even a few warning when I had a few to many wines on a Friday night and Alz4x4 and I got a bit excited. Met quite a few people thru the forum, went to cape York with Dirvine. Bought a ford ranger for Robbo and he flew down from Queensland to pick it up and stayed with me
Online I've meet up wth people from all round the world , with connections that started thru the gwowners forum. I learnt a lot here and it was great in the beginning discussing and sharing all the mods that we learnt for our walls.
I remember when some one said they were starting a face book page and thought that would never work! But lots of forum are losing popularity. And I guess when your a forum for a less than popular car you are always up against it
I've had my x240 since 2010 and spent way to much money but I've had a ball building it .
Build story here http://4x4earth.com/forum/index.php?thr ... 010.27162/

So thanks for the forum , it's been great
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Re: A great forum with lots of good info.

Postby kangabill » Mon Aug 13, 2018 10:16 am

G'day jacanden,

My X240 2010 model at 125,000 is going great guns and has never ever flinched.

And I've not modded a thing.

In fact it has never had a tune, never had the steering ans suspension touched, no alignment problems.

A great little vehicle.

I too will be sad to see the forum go although I haven't been a regular lately.

Go well everyone.

4 1/2 Years and still going strong.
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